Life Mission

I am Samuel, a bioethicist and Presbyterian pastor with deep roots in Puerto Rico and currently serving in Massachusetts, United States. My vocation focuses on commitment to the Kingdom of God, applying the principles of the Christian faith to education, theology and bioethics.

From my academic training to my pastoral ministry, my path has been guided by the conviction that the Christian faith not only nourishes the soul, but also informs and transforms our actions in all areas of life. This includes the public sphere, where ethical decisions have profound repercussions on society.

I am dedicated to training the next generation of believers, teaching the fundamentals of our faith to equip them not only with knowledge, but also the wisdom to act with integrity and courage. In academia and in the public arena, my goal is to expand the Kingdom of God, promoting dialogue that encompasses compassion and mutual understanding, especially on bioethical issues that deeply affect human life and its dignity.

My mission is to be a bridge between theology and daily practice, ensuring that our spiritual principles guide our ethical and political decisions, in order to create a more just and supportive community.


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