Samuel L. Caraballo
Nurturing lives & communities.

I am a Pastor and Bioethicist with decades of experience in the field of science education and Christian ministry. I have been academically trained at world-renowned institutions such as Harvard and Yale. Dedicated to the integration of faith, ethics and science, I seek to foster a deeper and more respectful understanding of contemporary ethical dilemmas in Hispanic Christian communities. Through my ministry and teaching, I strive to offer accessible and relevant interpretations of scripture, thereby promoting informed and conscious faith practice. My goal is to inspire and equip leaders and disciples to wisely face the ethical challenges of the modern world.



Education is the tool of spiritual and ethical transformation that empowers and frees our communities to serve with righteousness and love.

Theological reflection

Theology illuminates our understanding of God, guiding our lives toward faithful and compassionate practice in the world.

Bioethical engagement

Bioethics guides our moral conduct, ensuring that science and technology advance while respecting human dignity and God's order for creation.


Teaching Fellow @ Harvard Medical School

Sept 2023 - Present

By the grace of God, I teach foundations of bioethics in medical school to Harvard master's students. My course addresses the moral structures and arguments that govern medicine and the biological sciences.

Pastor @ Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana Elim

Oct 2022 - Present

As a Commissioned Ruling Elder of the only Hispanic Presbyterian church in Boston, I cultivate the Reformed Presbyterian legacy while caring for the spiritual needs of an immigrant congregation.


Harvard University

MBE (Master in Bioethics) 2022 - 2023

Yale University

MDIV (Master of Divinity in Christian Ethics) 2010 - 2013


John A. Wade Prize in Expository Preaching

Yale University Academic Award for Originality in Expository Preaching.

Research Fellow at Forum for Theological Exploration

Research scholarship for theological exploration in the Hispanic context..

Boston University

MPH (Master of Public Health in Epidemiology) 2001 - 2003

Loyola University of Chicago

Doctoral Candidate in Bioethics 2023 - 2025


Sasha Grey

Fashion Weekly Editor

Julian has been our ace card for a while now – he's dependable, always delivering his work on time. The quality of his work is of such high standard that we often don't need too many layers of edits to get the first draft into the published version. He helps us cover meaningful stories with a distinct voice, while also working as a team player. If you're looking for a quality writer, Julian's one I'd vouch for.

Martha Smith

World Politics Editor

Julian is one of those writers who are able to distinguish their own voice throughout any piece of work, without losing the soul of the publication itself. He's able to pick up on some of the finer nuances of the political climate and express them in words that are easy to comprehend and digest by many audiences. He's a delight to work with, and such a nice person, too.

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